A Fresh Coat of Paint: Remasters and Video Game Preservation (Reggie Reviews)

Remasters can so easily be mishandled by corporate suits. None will quickly forget the ‘definitive edition' saga that plagued the industry during the early years of the current console generation. Therefore, throughout this article, I would like to take the time to analyse both the beneficial and utterly nefarious practices of remastering and determine once [...]

Let’s Rock Baby: Devil May Cry V Predictions and Thoughts (Reggie Reviews)

With it having been a decade since the last main instalment, long-time fans anxiously feared their beloved series to be deceased. However, on one indelible summer night in 2018, all fears were laid to rest. Devil May Cry V was coming. Character action lovers worldwide have since been blessed with an entertaining demo for the [...]

A Disturbance in the Force: EA’s Force Choke (Reggie Reviews)

By now the various controversies surrounding EA and their 'Battlefront' titles are common knowledge. However, new controversies have recently been circulating the world wide web. Most notably, another promising addition to EA's fledgeling Star Wars portfolio has bitten the proverbial dust. To gain an inside perspective on the issue surrounding this disappointing cancellation, one need [...]

The Uncanny Valley: Should We Aspire for Photorealism on Consoles? (Reggie Reviews)

While today’s releases no doubt look better than ever before, there are many issues that arise from the desire to have games look true to life. Chief among these are the three specific issues I will be exploring: performance, aging and consistent visual appeal. So, let us ask the all-important question. Is photorealism necessary on consoles? The [...]