About Me

Ever since that fateful night, as a slightly smaller human being, when I received that much coveted original PlayStation (the slim version to be precise), I was hooked on the medium of video games.

As a child, the one and only reason fascination possessed my being was because video games offered me a form of escapism. While that persists to this today, I find even more reasons to fall in love with this medium in my adult years as though it were Andie MacDowell and I were Hugh Grant.

Video games transport us to new and exciting worlds. Place us in the shoes of endlessly intriguing characters. Tell narratives which detail perilous adventures into the unknown.

Over the years, that childhood fascination has evolved into my combining of the two passions that truly propel me in this life: writing and playing video games. Not only have I been playing games since childhood, but I have also written many short film scripts as well as a cheeky feature. Needless to say, my writing credentials are in order.

So, I very much hope that you enjoy my insights into this magnificent realm, along with the humour I try to inject into each article because, if video games have taught me one thing and one thing only, life was made for us to have fun.

Take care.