Resident Evil 3 Remake Impressions and Predictions

With the Resident Evil 3 Remake swiftly closing in on an April 2020 release, what secrets can be unearthed from the State of Play Reveal Trailer? *** Those who were there to recall the tale of that day remember it well. Throughout the year, devout followers of Sony, and the fourth incarnation of their [...]

Joker Review: The Masterpiece That Never Was

With the absence of everyone’s favourite caped crusader, will the clown prince of crime take full advantage of his time in the spotlight? In this spoiler free review, this question will be explored in full.   ** To kick off proceedings, I would like to take this moment to be utterly, and unapologetically frank with you. Joker [...]

Manchester’s NQ64 Arcade Bar Achieves A Flawless Victory

Daylight reigns upon me, yet the purple glow of the NQ64 sign draws my eye. Glaring down the atmospherically lit staircase, I make my descent. Mere moments after entering the venue proper, I know that removing me from it shall be a near impossible task. Like a military strategist, my eyes immediately get to [...]

Spider-Man: Far From Home Review – A Swing and a Hit

Everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man returns, but is this outing worth experiencing for yourself? Find out in this spoiler free review of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Two years have passed since Spider-Man swung onto the big screen in his solo debut for the now legendary Marvel Cinematic Universe. In that time, the spandex-clad web [...]

Go! Manchester!: Pokémon Ultra MSS & PC Weekend (Reggie Reviews) As my eyes registered the sights presented to me in the Vue at Manchester Printworks, I discovered that no one was exempt from joining the fun. Roughly 20 teenagers, students, and children had turned up to indulge in their shared passion. Even the parents who accompanied their children had no interest in removing the [...]